Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello darkness, my enemy

I've come to haunt you again
and there's something that I desire
and that would be the flames of the fire.
which will burn
and erase the world of dark
as long as i will lark at the sound of violence.

A thousand people walk again
as the darkness fades over thence.
and blood-curdling scream from here to there
rapists be raping everybody out there.

The techno remix of that other remix.


  1. SO hide your wife, hide your kids, and hide your husband cause they raping errbody out thur. Comment, follow, and click back!

  2. so far so good, just keep adding stuff to it!

  3. I like it! You got anymore of it?

  4. I really enjoyed that even though it was pretty dark. Please give us more!

  5. yeah i agree with everyone else, pretty dark but cool nonetheless.

  6. re- read it again today. like!